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Hey, I’m Jessica!

Writing about myself is so awkward, haha! Here are some fun & professional facts about me in list form…

  • I’m a business coach… obviously :)

  • I live in the sunny Okanagan Valley

  • I enjoy drinking really good local wines

  • I have a handsome bearded fiancée and two silly, humongous cats

  • The thing that makes me the happiest is cooking elaborate meals with a glass of wine and a top 40 playlist

  • I believe travel is one of the most amazing gifts we can give ourselves

  • I’m a copywriter by trade and ran a successful copywriting business for almost two years. I stopped because I realized copywriting wasn’t for me

  • I’m certified in digital marketing through Hubspot

  • My mission in life is to help highly-driven female entrepreneurs live the freedom lifestyle while running their own successful business!

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Who I help:

  • Female entrepreneurs who are ready to step it up in their business and start earning high AF income months

  • VA’s, SMM’s, and Coaches

My mission

  • My mission is to help female entrepreneurs build their businesses in a way that feels aligned, exciting, and fun. I’ll do this by teaching them the valuable skills needed to bring in new clients with ease & simplicity.


  • Certified in Digital Marketing through Hubspot

  • Earned 20k in sales in just two months of my coaching business

  • A genuine person who really just wants to see other women succeed in the fields they love

  • Passionate, kind, and caring

  • Quit my 9-5… twice.

Want to learn how I can help you go BIGGER in your business and live a Brave & Abundant life?